Coforge Ad Services Digital Gallery


MaidPro Billboard Ad

MaidPro Sliding Billboard

Spray bottle is used to clean ad

Seminole County Ad

Seminole County Pushdown

Video, multiple interactive images

Baymeadows Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital HTML5 Ad

Pet & owner casually walk across ad

Parkers Beer Ad

Parker's Synchronized Banners

Beer "pours" from top ad to bottom ad

NeSmitn Truck Ad

NeSmith Interstitial

Truck breaks through "monitor"

Levy Jewelers Wallpaper

Levy Jewelers Wallpaper

An elegant display of rings

World Imports Ad

World Imports HTML5

Multiple cars appear in ad

NAS Jax Ad


Blue Angel flies through ad

Prestige Saturn Ad

Prestige Saturn HTML5

Highlights animate in and out

Sand Gnats Ad

Sand Gnats Floating Element

Gnats buzz around ad with a countdown

Cadillac Billboard Ad

Cadillac Sliding Billboard

CTS Coupe drives across teaser ad

Parkers Drink Ad

Parker's Synchronized Banners

Woman sips drink through a straw

Coldwell Banker Ad

Coldwell Banker HTML5

iPhone types code and displays it

Timebox Photo Ad

Timebox Photo Filmstrip

Multiple interactive frames & images

Columbia City Ballet Ad

Nutcracker Sliding Billboard

Ballerina dances across the ad

Honda Yamaha Ad

Honda Yamaha Web Static

A static 300x600 motorcycle ad

Collings Foundation

Collings Foundation Sliding Billboard

Animation of airplane flying

Vaden Automotive Group

Vaden Automotive Group Interstitial

Interactive buttons to view details

Remax Regency

Remax Regency

Person on hot air balloon replaces sign and ascends

John Hoffer Ad

John Hoffer Interstitial

Multiple cars are displayed

Snow World Ad

Snow World's Synchronized Ads

Man on tube slides down to snow pile

Western Bowl Ad

Western Bowl HTML5

Bowling ball rolls for a strike

Street Toyota Ad

Street Toyota Sliding Billboard

Clean animated ad for the Camry

Parkers Gasoline Ad

Parker's Synchronized Banners

Gas tank gets filled by top ad

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island Wallpaper

Wine glass background on both sides

Wild West Ad

Wild West H-D HTML5

Motorcycle rides through ad

NGM Kawasaki Ad

NGM Sliding Billboard

Teryx4 750 and Voyager ride in

Seminole County Ad

Seminole County Portrait

Interactive slideshow, video

Sand Gnats Ad

Sand Gnats Floating Element

Fireworks explode above ad

Street Toyota Ad

Street Toyota HTML5 Ad

Fireworks explode behind logo

Best Bet Ad

Best Bet HTML5

Dogs chasing a rabbit across ad

J.C. Lewis Winter Ad

J.C. Lewis Sliding Billboard

Floating oil can drips to fill entire ad

Tom Bush Ad

Tom Bush Sliding Billboard

Volkswagen retro animation

St. Vincent's Healthcare

St. Vincent's Sidekick

Ad slides left to reveal details

Boyd's Equipment Ad

Boyd's Equipment HTML5

Fire animation behind gas logs

ENMARK Coffee Ad

ENMARK Sliding Billboard

Coffee beans create a depth of field effect

Midland Railway Assoc.

Midland Railway Video

Thomas the Train rides through ad

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

JTA Sliding Billboard

Animation of business people and buses

Gebo Ad

Gebo's HTML5

Deer running from hunter

Grainger Nissan Ad

Grainger Nissan HTML5

Multiple vehicles fade in and out

Parkers Coffee Ad

Parker's Synchronized Banners

Coffee beans drop from top to bottom ad

Baymeadows Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital Video

Dog and Cat animate across ad